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Access For Education

Within the Tir Gofal scheme we provide access to the farm for educational purposes.

Farm visits:

  • Educate students about the increasingly important role farmers’ play in the conservation of the wide range of habitats in Wales.
  • Investigate the effects of the seasons and the wide range of tasks undertaken.
  • Provide an understanding of how farmers produce and provide the food we buy
  • To study the production of “non food” commodities.
  • Opportunities to experience new, sustainable and varied methods of farming.
  • Support teachers many of whom have found they were able to cover a considerable number of curriculum goals during limited time on a farm visit.
  • Benefit college/university lecturers who also found such visits to be an efficient and effective way of using limited time.
  • Attract special interest groups which have identified farms which particularly suit there needs.
  • Give people the chance to learn about the discipline of living in a rural environment.

With increasingly busy, modern ways of living, working and commuting, people living in the countryside are also often unaware of what exists locally.
A farm visit is a wonderful chance to give pupils and students a valid learning experience as well as an interesting, informative and enjoyable day out.

This facility is also available to non educational groups, (Photographic Societies, Women’s institutes, Playgroups, Scouts and Guides, etc) for which a small charge may be payable.


Rhydhowell Farm
SA37 0LA

Tel: 01239 841267
"We loved our visit and learned so much more about farm life - a wonderful place."
Bill & Pat - Bristol
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